Monday, February 24, 2014

17 February 2014

Transfer week! Please send any letters not sent by Wednesday to the mission office!

I haven't had a bad day in a very, very, very long time.

But a bad day and a hard day are completely different. I believe that a bad day is the result of something we do or do not do. A rough day is something that is controlled by the agency of others. 

This was a rough week.

I don't want to go into too many details, but this last week we did random iPad checks in our zone. We ended up having to cancel all of our appointments on Monday because the first checks we did yielded negative results. An iPad was confiscated for a time and needed direction was given.

Tuesday we had to confiscate two. That broke my heart. It gave me a glimpse into what it feels like to be a wayward parent and watch children fall away. 

We are taking a missionary to the airport today and might have to take another later this week. 

On Wednesday we had two more serious problems to deal with. 

On Saturday our recent convert passed away. We baptized him together in Chandler six months ago and he was faithful until the cancer took him.

All in all, we had about two to three days to proselyte. But the missionaries are our number one priority and we are happy to sacrifice for them.

On Sunday, yesterday, was stake conference. We were ECSTATIC to hear that the husband in the family that we baptized three weeks ago was invited to speak at stake conference! He got up, did it like a PRO, gave us a shout out, and then taught, testified, and invited the congregation. It was honestly one of the best talks of the weekend. 

Immediately afterwards, the stake president stood up, came to the pulpit and said, totally serious, "It seems like we have a great potential for a high councilor!"

Next week a high councilor space is opening up since one is moving...

He's AWESOME! The whole family is AWESOME! 

This morning we got special permission to go to the temple as a companionship. This will very likely be our last week as companions. I've been in Mesa for 7.5 months and we have been together for a total of 6 months. But in those 6 months we have had 16 baptisms and nothing but pure joy. Elder Diaz has made me a better person.

So in this week of such chaos, we were very blessed to have our members step up and do the finding for us. We were referred to an entire family to teach who "weren't interested." We went in with the goal of making new friends.

Their last words to us were, "please come back and visit me!"

Sister Burton, the wife of the fasmily that we live with, made us cinnamon rolls this last week. Oh. My. Goodness. I love cinnamon rolls. 

We are working with a woman to help her quit smoking. I was planning on telling her that if she gave up cigarettes, I would give up chocolate. I really believed that I was addicted to chocolate. But then she moved away so I never had to do that.

But as I thought more about it, I really became scared that I was addicted to chocolate haha. I committed myself to not eat chocolate for an entire week. Of course the week that I do that is the week that everything goes crazy. But I gave it up! I did it! Hahaha, it's the little thigns in life, isn't it...

This past week we did an exchange with some missionaries whose area is completely and utterly dead. They have no hope for it. But as we sat down to pray I told him to expect miracles and that we would do all that we could to find them! 

That night we found them. We found prepared people. We had a great experience. We both grew from it and it was a successful evening. His vision is now raised and he is more excited about the work! Success! 

Thanks Tanan and family for the great letters this week!

I'm short on time today for this letter! Today is not going to be a P-Day for us. In twenty minutes we are going to the airport and then afterwards Elder Diaz has an eye exam. He thinks he may need glasses.

But that's ok - we got to go to the temple! 

Life is good! Love you all!
Elder Johnson

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