Friday, October 26, 2012

26 October 2012 Habaneros!

Dear Mom and Eric,

Due to hugely limiting time constraints, you both get one letter which will be short.  Sorry!  Bad time management today.

How was it with Grandma and Grandpa over?

I had a habanero two hours ago.  Never do it.  Never.  That was probably one of the worst decisions of my life.  Words cannot express the pain.  We each took a bite or rather the whole thing, and chewed.  Nothing happened for a solid 10 seconds.

And then, death.

I couldn't breathe, my eyes were watering like never before.  My tongue swelled up twice the size.  My nose hurt.  I chugged chocolate milk and panicked when that was gone.  I ate a banana and decided to quit since my stomach was hurting.  Running to the water fountain, I gulped for waht seemed like minutes, all the while struggling to see, and stopping only to breathe.  Each breath sent shivers down my spine as it fueled the fire already engulfing my throat and slowly moving down to my stomach.  I started to feel my stomach churning and sprinted to the bathroom drinking out of the disgustingly dirty faucets.  I didn't care.  It was water or a slow, painful fiery death.  And then it hit.  I threw up all over the sink, and I thought the seeds going down were painful.  Coming back up, already exposed, dwarfed that.  And then it got to my nose.  I was ready to submit myself into the welcoming hands of death.  But, I was not done throwing up.  Twice more would that infernal sensation come over.

Two hours later I cannot eat, my tastebuds hurt, and my stomach is unforgiving.

Wow that came out (the story, ha ha) pretty well.  You have my permission to add it to the blog.  I won't remember all the agony next week.

Lesson learned:  Don't eat habaneros.  It is not worth it.

I have a video but can't send back due to size limitations

I'm all out of time.  Lesson in 30 minutes and need to shower.

Thank you Mom and Eric for writing.  Tell Will he missed a week.


Elder Johnson

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